First Completely Percutaneous Vortex AngioVac® Procedure

First Completely Percutaneous Vortex AngioVac® Procedure

Boston, MAMay 26, 2010 — The first completely percutaneous AngioVac procedure was performed by Dr. Andrew Eisenhauer and Dr. Piotr Sobieszczyk. Utilizing the generation (1), 25F device, the procedure was performed at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Mass. The patient is a 75 year old man with recently diagnosed, unresectable, poorly differentiated retroperitoneal sarcoma. The patient presented with lower extremity edema and found on CT to have IVC occlusion just above the bifurcation. Percutaneous access for the AngioVac cannula was successful in the right femoral vein utilizing a 32F renal dilator sheath. A venogram confirmed patent ilio-femoral veins and complete IVC occlusion. Multiple passes with the AngioVac Cannula recovered large amounts of clot and tumor with recanalization of the IVC but residual tumor with likely compression at mid-IVC. A 24mm Wall stent was deployed. The final venogram showed a widely patent IVC. The patient was stable throughout the procedure and the physicians were very pleased with the way AngioVac Cannula and Circuit performed. The pictures attached are as follows:

Image 1: Undesirable material in the AngioVac Filter during the case.
Image 2: The AngioVac filter drained after the case was completed.
Image 3: Venogram pre-AngioVac showing completely occluded IVC.
Image 4: IVC post-AngioVac.
Image 5: IVC post Wall Stent deployment.

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