Healthcare startups CEO 2014 resolutions

It’s the day many of us resolve to do better. We’ll make time for family, pass up the cookie aisle in the grocery and hit the gym more regularly. The following healthcare startups CEOs are brave enough to make their resolutions public, sharing them with MedCity and adding an accountability factor. Some challenge the status quo, some aim to complete clinical trials, make an exit. Several promise themselves more personal time. One even aspires to do that accomplishment we all envy: Take more naps.

Jon-Michial Carter, Chartspan

  1. End the waiting for interoperability and give patients immediate access to ALL their electronic healthcare records

  2. Create the most comprehensive data sets ever compiled in patient healthcare

  3. Watch which direction healthcare experts lead us…and go in exactly the opposite direction

Jessica Richman, uBiome

“To involve thousands of people in citizen science for the first time. And to nap more. A lot, in fact.”

Andy Perry, Curvo Labs

“We have our specific business goals, but in a broader sense, Curvo is resolved in 2014 to grow our network substantially, grow our team, and really “nail it” for our hospitals, ASCs, medical device companies, and investors this coming year.  We’re really jazzed about growth of the network, and it’s our biggest focus (though “more naps” is a very appealing thought).”

Dr. Daniel Burnett, Theranova

“To get an exit with one or more of the companies so we can better capitalize Theranova and take more of these technologies on the back burners to the front burners. To increase our number of burners to work on more technologies at once.”

Jeanette Hill, Spot On Sciences

•        Making it easier for home-bound patients to get a diagnostic test by self-collecting a blood sample by a finger stick

•        Improve HIV viral load testing by collecting a blood sample by a finger stick and sending the sample to a central lab

•        Simplify blood sample collection by using HemaSpot to collect a sample from home by a finger stick – no more hour long waits at a lab before my coffee and while I am missing all of my morning meetings!

•        Launch a new product for blood separation from a finger stick

•        Scale up manufacture of our blood collection device, HemaSpot

•        Establish distribution agreements in Africa and EU

•        Complete and publish studies on circadian rhythm of circulating cardiovascular disease biomarkers

Nadine Levick, EMS Safety Foundation

“That’s our thrust for this year: to really engage the new tech from Google Glass . . . to software platforms that integrate patient monitoring data and vehicle monitoring data. What does the provider have to do? He has to do a whole lot more than monitor the patient.”

Randy Werneth, Acutus Medical

“Acutus Medical resolves in 2014 to receive CE Mark for our technology and complete our 2014 clinical study plan.”

Veer Gidwaney, Maxwell Health

“To fix healthcare in America by making benefits into a subscription service that people love.”

Aaron Horowitz, Sproutel

“My new years resolution is to put smiles on the faces of kids with type 1 diabetes using Jerry the Bear. It has been fantastic to get in photos and feedback from our first shipment this Christmas and I am thrilled to be inspired by more of these incredible children in the upcoming year.”

Ariel Garton, InteraXon

“Continuing to take the time to stop and enjoy life.”

Paul Hartung, Cognoptix

“I resolve that Cognoptix will launch a pivotal clinical trial that will validate our non-invasive test to reliably diagnose early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease, thus allowing treatment to begin before significant neuronal loss and irreversible brain damage occur.”

Lisa Earnhardt, IntersectENT

“At Intersect, we’re focused on ensuring sinus sufferers have access to the PROPEL steroid releasing implant to help improve their surgical outcomes.  We expanded rapidly in 2013, and are working diligently with physicians, hospitals and payers to make PROPEL and local drug delivery the standard of care for chronic sinusitis patients.

“My resolutions are the same every year: 1) Treat people the way I would like to be treated. 2) Try to make the world a little better than it was this year. 3) And, exercise more, of course!”


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