Lantos hears FDA’s acceptance of 3-D ear scanner loud and clear

Patricia Resende

Managing Editor MHT- Boston Business Journal

Lantos Technologies has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market its 3-D ear scanning system, it said late Monday. The clearance comes nearly one year after it first launched the fast and painless system to measure a person’s ear canal.

The Cambridge, Mass.-based company, which spun out of a lab at MIT, developed the ear scanning system to improve an audiologists’ ability to map both the dimensions of the ear and ear canal. The disruptive technology replaces the traditional process of taking silicone impression of the ear to create custom-fit devices, according to the company.

In a statement about the system, Brian Fligor, director of Diagnostic Audiology at Boston Children’s Hospital, said, “The Lantos System makes it easier and safer to map deep into the ear canal, which is a necessity for devices that sit deeply in the ear canal, including popular, but challenging, invisible hearing devices.”

The system works by using a portable handheld scanner with a video otoscope to see and navigate through the ear canal. A membrane-based consumable expands to conform to the ear canal anatomy, and the scope captures images and generates a 3-D scan of the ear using optics and stitching algorithms in less than one minute, according to Lantos. The image is then transferred electronically in a format that can be used by any device manufacturer.

The system is slated to be commercially available later this year.

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