Lantos Technologies Unveils New Uvero™ Earphones, Combining ‘Tailor-Made’ Fit with Powerful Sound

Exclusive U.S. Retail Roll-Out Begins in Boston Area This Week

WAKEFIELD, MA,  Employing technology typically used for in-ear monitors for the biggest names in music, Lantos Technologies is debuting its new Uvero earphones, providing consumers outstanding sound quality along with a tailor-made fit created by a proprietary 3-D scanning process.

Unlike most headphone manufacturers which take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Uvero provides consumers with earphones designed just for them, along with the ability to hear both the power and nuance of their music without being distracted by outside, ambient noise. And unlike ultra-expensive in-ear monitors used on stage by stadium-filling musicians, they are priced similarly to popular headphones that aren’t customized or personalized.

Uvero boutique Burlington Mallcustom earphones Uvero

For the first time in the U.S., Uvero’s earphones and brand experience will be available exclusively at the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Mass, available immediately.Click here to watch an introductory video.

Since no two ears are alike, Uvero’s customization process starts with the 3-D scanning process which maps the surface of a person’s ear and ear canal using 100,000+ data points. Then, using a 3D printer, a model is created, and the result is a soft, silicone customized earpiece. This proprietary process optimizes the mobile music experience by providing “natural” noise cancelation (given the secure, custom fit) and places the emphasis back on the music.

“Consumers participating in our tests have told us repeatedly that listening to their favorite music on our Uvero earphones was like hearing it again for the first time…the audio experience is incredibly advanced,” said Lantos CEO and Chairman Jeffrey Leathe. “Simply stated: If you’re not using Uvero earphones, you’re not hearing all the details of your favorite music.”

By having custom earpieces and outstanding audio technology, Uvero delivers powerful bass, cleaner highs and a superb, broad dynamic range, which is often minimized (or “clipped”) by traditional ear buds or can-style headphones, which don’t emphasize personalization.

What’s more, Uvero’s natural noise cancellation helps maximize lower frequencies, so there’s less of a need to arbitrarily crank up the volume and run the risk of damaging one’s hearing. And when there’s significant external or ambient noise to overcome, the tendency is to turn the volume up to potentially harmful levels. This safety factor played an important role in the development of Uvero earphones.

“The World Health Organization recently reported that over 1 billion people are at risk for hearing loss from using their headphones at high volumes,” said Lantos Chief Audiology Officer Dr. Brian Fligor. “As an audiologist, I take that very seriously. But Uvero offers a safer alternative. By creating a tailor-made listening experience, consumers can actually turn the volume down and still hear more of their music than they’ve ever heard.”

Uvero earphones are available now exclusively at the company’s retail store at the Burlington Mall for $269 MSRP. To see and experience Uvero in the Boston area, please visit the Burlington Mall, just off Route 128 at 75 Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington, Mass. Uvero’s kiosk and retail store will be open to the public during regular mall hours. Additional mall information can be obtained by calling (781) 272-8667.

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