Patent Published For the Novel AngioVac™ En Bloc Clot Removal System

he AngioVac System received patent publication for its ability to remove undesirable material—en bloc clots, thrombi, and emboli, among others—from within heart chambers and medium to large vessels while maintaining stable blood flow.

Norwell, MAJune 25, 2009 — A US patent was published today for the AngioVac System.

Specifically, the patent refers to the “symptoms and methods” employed by the AngioVac System to remove “substantially en bloc clots, thrombi, and emboli, among others, from within heart chambers, as well as medium to large vessels, while reinfusing fluid removed from the site of interest back into the patient to minimize fluid loss.”

The 2 inventors credited with the creation of this system are listed as Lishan Aklog and Michael Glennon.


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