Seedling Enterprises Initiates Clinical Use of Non-Stick Electrosurgery Technology

Seedling Enterprises Initiates Clinical Use of Non-Stick Electrosurgery Technology

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NEWTON, MA, Dec. 19, 2000- Seedling Enterprises, LLC, a medical device incubator, has received both FDA and Canadian approvals for its novel non-stick electrosurgery instrument technology. Following approval, the company has performed initial clinical use of the product in cardiac, ENT, general, neuro and breast surgeries.

Electrosurgical instruments are used to cut and cauterize tissues in nearly all of the 11 million surgeries performed in the US annually. A common problem with current instruments is that they become hot during the application of energy. As the instrument heats, it tends to stick to tissue causing extra steps by the surgeon to clean the instrument. In some cases, the surgeon must reapply the device to repair a site of inadequate hemostasis (control of bleeding). Excessive heating of the instrument is also associated with burning or charring of tissue and the generation of smoke as the tissue breaks down.

Seedling Enterprises has developed a unique, patented device technology for maintaining the tips of electrosurgical instruments at temperatures below those that cause sticking, burning and charring of tissue. Seedling Enterprises has adapted heat transfer technology that is used to cool the internal structures of laptop computers. In this application, it is used to draw heat away from the active section of electrosurgical instruments. The new electrosurgical devices do not require any additional equipment in the operating room or change in technique by the surgeon.
Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg, Associate Professor of Surgery at Tufts University School of Medicine used the product during hernia surgery at the New England Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Schwaitzberg commented, “This product eliminates the nuisance of sticking that often results from the use of current devices. Although further study is needed, the smoke generated in the operating room appeared to be reduced and the resultant wound was cleaner with less char than is usually obtained.”

“This non-stick technology can be applied to almost every surgical specialty,” says Andy Levine, inventor and co-founder of Seedling. “Although the initial application of this technology is to monopolar instruments, its application to bipolar instruments is also under way. Sticking and charring have always hampered the effectiveness of electrosurgical instruments. This technology eliminates sticking in a simple, cost effective manner without the use of coatings.”
Seedling Enterprises is an early stage development fund focused on the acquisition and commercialization of new medical technologies. Working with inventors, Seedling provides capital and services that include marketing analysis, technical development and clinical appraisal of medical products and technologies. Since Seedling Enterprises does not market or sell products directly to hospitals or physicians, it seeks marketing partners or license arrangements for the devices it develops. Seedling Enterprises also makes investments in technologies that may have sufficient market opportunity to justify the establishment of a new corporate entity.

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