Vortex Medical Partners with Brigham to Perform First Human AngioVac™ Procedure

Vortex Medical Partners with Brigham to Perform First Human AngioVac™ Procedure

On Wednesday, December 2, 2009 a Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA) team led by Dr. Piotr Sobieszczyk, Dr. Andrew Eisenhauer, and Dr. Michael Davidson performed the first ever human procedure using the Vortex Medical Inc. AngioVac™ Suction Cannula. The patient had developed a mobile mass in the right atrium and superior vena cava with the potential to break off and travel to the lungs causing serious complications. The AngioVac™ system uses a cannula with balloon actuated funnel to facilitate the en bloc removal of undesirable intravascular material. It is used in conjunction with the AngioVac Circuit™ which includes a centrifugal pump, a filter and venous return line to reinfuse the cleansed blood. “In the past, the only definitive method of removal of this material would have been to perform cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass through a chest incision,” Dr. Eisenhauer noted.

In this case, the mass was removed using the AngioVac™ Cannula which was introduced through a small incision in the right femoral vein while the cleansed blood was reinfused through a percutaneous cannula in the left femoral vein. Once the AngioVac™ Cannula was positioned, the mass was removed in less than 10 minutes. At the completion of the procedure, the mass was recovered in one piece, photographed and sent to pathology/microbiology for analysis. “The success of this first-in-man procedure opens up a beneficial means to facilitate the removal of intravascular thromboemboli and other undesirable material,” Dr. Sobieszczyk remarked.

“Vortex Medical was thrilled to work with the team from Brigham and Women’s on this exciting breakthrough case. We strive to pioneer innovative endovascular solutions to common endovascular problems and we are gratified that our novel technology was able to provide this patient with a much less invasive endovascular option to treat his condition,” adds Michael Glennon, President and CEO of Vortex Medical Inc.

Josh Phillips, Director of Vortex and Managing General Partner of Catalyst Health Ventures said “The Vortex team has worked together to make tremendous progress in an incredibly capital efficient manner. To pioneer a new device and procedure with a great partner like Brigham and Women’s is an example of the power of Boston’s entrepreneurial community, bringing ideas, capital, and clinical capabilities together.”

About Vortex Medical Inc.

Vortex Medical Inc was founded in March 2008 by Pavilion Holdings Group LLC with an investment from Boston based venture firm Catalyst Health Ventures. Vortex Medical focuses on pioneering unique endovascular solutions to commonly occurring endovascular problems. The Vortex AngioVac™ Suction Cannula has a balloon actuated, expandable, distal tip to facilitate flow, and to facilitate en bloc removal of undesirable intravascular material during the performance of extracorporeal circulation.

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Catalyst Health Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm targeting technology solutions applied within the health care and life science industries. At the core of this strategy is a committed, hands-on approach to working with management and syndicate partners to build successful companies. Our disciplined investment process leverages both intellectual and financial capital to originate deals, cultivate opportunities, and realize the full potential of emerging ventures in the health care and life science marketplace.

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