Vortex Medical Physician Advisory Board Conducts Successful First Animal Trial Using AngioVac™ System

During their first meeting, the prestigious board of endovascular experts conducted a successful first animal trial of the AngioVac System, achieving the en bloc removal of several simulated clots.

Boston, MA September 18, 2009 — The Vortex Medical Physician Advisory Board (PAB), a group of seven experts in the field vascular medicine, met at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital on Tuesday. The session culminated in the successful first animal trial using the AngioVac System.

The PAB members participated in the laboratory tests using a porcine model. A simulated thrombus was created from a harvested porcine spleen and introduced through the internal jugular vein. The material then traveled to various areas of the venous and arterial system.

Most notably, one simulated thrombus traveled into the right atrium. The AngioVac Cannula was successfully inserted into the right atrium while the AngioVac Circuit provided constant suction, maintaining hemodynamic stability. The cannula then created a vortex within the atrium and the simulated clot was removed in its entirety.

The AngioVac System is the first device to be marketed by Vortex Medical, a company focused on the design, development, and commercialization of novel endomechanical devices for the endovascular market.


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